calm the chaos with iport—your all-in-one, cloud-based business management software

manufacturing management software

Finally, an easy-to-use system to manage all your business operations that doesn’t break the bank.

Ready to get organized, improve efficiencies and increase your revenue?

Inventory Control

• Unlimited inventory items with multiple item locations and item suppliers
• Easy full or cycle inventory counts
• Flexible bill of materials/production order setup
• Supports Job Shop Manufacturing (Project based) & Process Manufacturing (Batch)
• Supports barcode labels for easy inventory counting, issuing and receiving
• Highly configurable, virtual products, physical products, purchased/produced ...


• All changes tracked and searchable
• Stay on top of potential inventory shrinkage
• Track changes to view who did what/when

Item Recommendations

• Fingertip access to purchase and production recommendations
• Stay on top of supply, demand and inventory levels
• Align your purchasing and production to known requirements


• Easily create unlimited purchase orders with back-order tracking
• Rapid material ordering and receiving
• Easily view purchases at all status levels

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From quote to cash, iPort™ is the small to medium-sized manufacturing shop’s dream software.

All-in-one and easy to use, iPort™ is packed full of features to help you calm the chaos you may be experiencing. You’ll be surprised how quickly your business will be under control—ready to thrive and grow.

Full Production Control

Release production orders to floor with unlimited production stages, stage materials, labour and quality control measurements. View the status of each stage at any time.

Easy Project Management

Tap into our flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use project planning tools whether the process is one-off or more complex.

Live-Time Inventory

Maintain full controls and visibility of raw materials, work in process and finished goods inventories.

Full Task Accountability

Keep everyone moving in the same direction with employee task assignments, monitoring and reminders.

Easy Ordering

View production recommendations to maintain adequate inventory levels based on stock, purchases, existing production, and sales.

Production Control

Easily create bill of materials then rapidly configure and schedule as production orders.